Sensitivity Stimuli – Part 1

Hypo & Hyper Sensitivity


Different Textures; smooth, fluffy, soft and ridged.

Everyone will have either both or none of the hypo or hyper sensitivity in multiple things, depending on the individual. You don’t have to have Asperger’s and Autism just to have this, anyone can have heightened senses.

Hypo-sensitivity is where the senses don’t work that well so we will do things to stimulate these senses, e.g. purposely play music with bass in so I am able to tolerate the luxury of listening to music I enjoy.

Hyper-sensitivity is where the senses are too acute and overpowers sounds, textures, smells, sight and taste, which can become too much and painful for me to tolerate.

I have both HYPO & HYPER senses, and to some advantage I am able to use one to overpower the other. For example; I have a hyper-sensitivity of loud noises, so from hypo-sensitivity, I use music with a deep bass sound to block out the loud noise which could be my dog barking.

The Five Senses

1. Touch (Tactile)

2. Taste (Tactile)

3. Smell (Olfactory)

4. Sight (Visual)

5. Sound (Auditory)

Thanks to this website, I was able to easily explain what I mean to the senses;

My Experiences With My Senses – PART 1.

Sound (Auditory): I have a heightened sense of hearing, which is also called ‘Hypohearing’. In my case this is an extreme liking to loud rhythmic sounds; MUSIC!! However the music that I listen to must have traces or is a electronic and/or bass to the track. For example I listen to a lot of:

  • Panic at the Disco
  • Imagine Dragons
  • Delta Heavy
  • Avicii
  • Nero
  • Mystery Skulls
  • Caravan Palace
  • The Chainsmokers
  • Aurora
  • Halsey
  • And many more…

The background sounds are mainly bass and electronic with a loud rhythm to them which is what I am addicted to. I will listen to the album or particular track over and over again until I know exactly when each sound will be played and what the lyrics are. About two years ago I started going out with my friends to night clubs. I had quite bad social phobia at the time but I didn’t want to miss the chance of having that experience that I would always miss out with my friends. When the music played, this deep sound of bass with the songs that were played was absolutely perfect for my hearing. Even though the music was 10x louder than normal, it didn’t affect me too much as I was able to concentrate on the bass sound which I was able to tolerate. Since then my social phobia has reduced so much and I now have a love for night clubs, but only the ones that will play a bass sound with the music, then I will be able to tolerate the people around me as I will have something that will drown out the random strangers around me. I only go out two to three times with my friends to these nightclubs, which is enough for the moment, as sometimes I do struggle even with the tolerance of the music depending how loud it is and what elements are involved.

Another auditory sensitivity I have is hyper-hearing, meaning I cannot stand sudden noises, things that bang, high I will always jump. And if I hear high pitched noises, babies or children crying, people shouting, dogs barking (this can be constant or just on and off randomly) I will cover my ears as these sounds are painful to me and if I don’t get myself out of these situations in time, I will have a panic attack. So when I am out or at home I will always try and make sure if possible that I will have my headphones near by as this is my haven to drown the sounds out and relax. If you get me on a day when I am tired, cold or both I will become grumpy and very susceptible to sudden noises. About 5 years ago I did work experience at a kennel and cattery for 2 years. My favourite section was working with the cats because they were quiet, however once you got me in the kennels I would be very jumpy and having panic attacks every so often and had to remove myself from the building because the constant barking would make me want to cry from the pain. To help me cope I would bring earphones and listen to my music, THIS HELPED ME SO MUCH! It only drowned a bit of the noise out but that feeling of not having a panic attack everytime a dog barked was so much better. This feeling would be like, a dog barking constantly if you had your bare feet and constantly walked on glass, so the earphones are the shoes you put on to protect your feet from the glass. This is what that was like for me for two years. I hated working there but I needed those work experience hours.

Tomorrow I will be continuing onto PART 2 which will be about my experience with SIGHT.

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